Definite Beast

Album cover art for Holographic SkyI initially got the idea for this project while watching a Holographic Beast performance in June of 2012. I thought, “I could play some heavy, heavy riffs to go along with this.” Jeff was interested with the idea when I approached him with it, and we began to think about how we wanted to develop the sounds.

The idea behind this project was to combine two projects, This Definite Sky and Holographic Beast, into a single entity for the purpose of a collaborative release. We spent some time figuring out the concept for it before moving forward with Definite Beast, but the idea of a Holographic Sky moved me to create a track with that name even if it didn’t make the cut for the collaborative project name.

As I imagined the project, I conceived of it as what we were bringing to the table as it were. I thought of myself as structure and of Jeff as sound. In the middle of those I knew something amazing would come about.

I hope everyone enjoys listening to this experience as much as we enjoyed creating it. Be mesmerized by the Holographic Sky.



Definite Beast – Holographic Sky is available at Bandcamp


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