This Definite Sky

The album cover for This Definite Sky. It is an image of an old clock dial made out of metal.

This Definite Sky represents an aspect of the philosophy regarding boundaries in music. Why should genres carry so much weight when it comes to appreciation of music?

After spending a decade playing in metal bands, Jim Dicus (Skunk Rider, efshu, Ninevei, Definite Beast) decided that only a single avenue of expression wasn’t enough and decided to expand. Being fascinated in the possibility held by the ever-changing sky inspired him to look in a new musical direction. To be able to expand the project into something that would be an actual band rather than a studio project, he enlisted the aid of a couple skilled musicians he knew, respected, and had even shared the stage with on multiple occasions.

Because This Definite Sky represents the idea of risk and challenge, Al Stys (Godzillian, Sun Breaks, Mind Beams) decided to be the man behind the drums who will propel this project forward.

What began as a studio project that relied heavily on synthesizers and programming has morphed into something more.

Abandon nothing until after it has been tried.

Listen to This Definite Sky on Bandcamp

Check out This Definite Sky on Facebook

Jim is involved with a collaborative project with Holographic Beast called Definite Beast. Check out the Definite Beast project and listen to some music.



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