Skunk Rider

Skunk Rider lettering


Skunk Rider epitomizes badass rock in a down and dirty, back alley kind of way. Born in the narrow confines of a tiny studio crammed between a head shop and a teriyaki restaurant, Skunk Rider spent a lot of time in the alley–getting in touch with the roots of what the Seattle music scene needs to be all about.
A picture of Skunk Rider standing against a brick wall
The music is a psychedelic mix of sludge-inspired blues and straight up stoner rock. Each member on Skunk Rider brings a different view and vastly different experience with music to the table, the result of which is pure face-melting groovy awesomeness. Skunk Rider is equally comfortable rocking random people passing in the alley as they are promoting the skunky life on stage.

Bill is a recent east coast transplant who came out to Seattle because of his hatred of seeing the sun and desire to meet some kick ass musicians. He loves playing heavy drums and sitting on deep grooves. He loves drummers like John Bonham, Bill Ward, and Brian Downey, and plays his dad’s old Gretsch set.

Jim grew up in Washington, but spent a decade in Arizona–where he learned the value of playing music with people who actually care about the music rather than their clothes and haircuts. Sick of the Hollywood attitudes and emphasis on style over songwriting, Jim moved back to Washington on a quest to create something lasting.

Chad plays guitar.

Listen to Skunk Rider’s music on Bandcamp

Check out Skunk Rider’s Facebook page



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